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Senior couple on their 70s wearing a protective face mask picking up the groceries box that granddaughter is delivering in times of COVID-19, she is wearing mask and gloves.

Emergency Meal Programs for you

If you or your loved one need assistance with accessing food or meals, you can learn more about the two nutrition programs available to support you through this difficult time. This includes: Meals on Wheels and Great Plates Delivered. Our team is ready to extend a helping hand today.

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A group of three multi-ethnic senior men sitting on a park bench, talking. Two African American men in their 60s are looking at their Caucasian 80 year old friend.

Mission and Impact

Our mission is to provide adults and their caregivers the tools and services they need to effectively navigate their health and life options. Through a comprehensive network of resources, Sourcewise strives to educate, prepare, support, and advocate for all adults, their families, and their caregivers within Santa Clara County.

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