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Fast. Affordable. Secure.

Fast. Affordable. Secure.

Fast. Affordable. Secure.

Fast. Affordable. Secure.

Fast. Affordable. Secure.

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REVA is an online tool for completing Independent Provider (IP) enrollment, orientation and processing for In-Home Supportive Services and Public Authorities. Created by CareAccess, REVA can simplify the enrollment process for the IP and save time for the Public Authority.

Efficient and Streamlined Workflow

The IP enrollment process includes the important step of watching the state-mandated videos in a controlled manner, where the IP is required to prove their participation. Once complete the IP will schedule an appointment to visit the Public Authority where they complete the enrollment process by electronically signing the required SOC 426 and SOC 846 forms as well as scan the required government issued ID and Social Security card into their online record. Fingerprinting can also be done at the Pubic Authority or at any other Live Scan facility.

REVA makes it simple for the IP

  • Anytime, anywhere completion of the provider enrollment process in English or Spanish.
  • Convenient, at-home “TV like” viewing of the state mandated videos in their choice of Armenian, Chinese, English, or Spanish.
  • See sample forms in Armenian, Chinese, English, or Spanish.
  • Schedule an appointment to sign the documents and finish the processing at the agency office.
  • Generate the Live Scan application and save time while at the appointment.

REVA saves time for the Public Authority

  • Train staff quickly with easy-to-use buttons for each workflow function.
  • Compare the live documents with the online data that was entered by the IP and make edits immediately.
  • Review, collect electronic signatures for, and generate the SOC 426 and SOC 846 forms from the stored data from the IP’s permanent record.
  • Scan the IP’s ID and Social Security card in high detail that never fades.
  • Enter and track Live Scan application status.
  • Print all required handouts and signed documents at the appointment conclusion.
  • Scan any other documents as desired and attach to the IP record.
  • View a variety of management reports that track enrollment progress.
  • Generate summary IP information easily for entry into CMIPS II.

REVA is Secure and HIPAA Compliant

  • Prevent account sharing with a single login and 90-day password expiration.
  • Prevent unattended workstation access with automatic logoff after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Validation of user permissions behind the scenes at every turn of a page.
  • Secure transmission of data with 2048-bit encryption.
  • Complete login activity tracking and field-level tracking of user activity.


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