Fast. Affordable. Secure.

Fast. Affordable. Secure.

Fast. Affordable. Secure.

Fast. Affordable. Secure.

Fast. Affordable. Secure.

Fast. Affordable. Secure.

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Nexus allows you to quickly and effectively match In-Home Supportive Services customers to Independent Providers (IPs). Created by CareAccess, Nexus helps your Public Authority registry staff manage provider and consumer information through easy-to-use web-based software.

Detailed Consumer and Provider Information

Entering and managing consumer preferences are simple, easy and fast. Guardian and conservator information can be included in the consumer profile along with their requested services and special needs. Provider information is entered in a similar fashion and can include availability, services provided, certifications and training completed, languages spoken and much more.

Nexus provides expert matching in real-time

The Nexus Matching Wizard is the powerhouse behind fast, accurate consumer to provider matching.

  • Save time using the Matching Wizard; see how many providers meet specific criteria and make adjustments on the fly to increase the number of matches.
  • Find Consumers within a Provider’s service area with unmet service needs.
  • Find Providers already going to a Consumer’s area to fulfill those low-hour service needs.
  • Save and reuse provider searches for those hard-to-find matches.

Nexus helps you manage your IP Registry efficiently

  • Work effectively by prioritizing open items in the To-Do Lists.
  • Integrate documents and scans into a consumer or provider’s permanent record.
  • Efficiently manage your Public Authority Registry through a comprehensive set of management reports.
  • Automated updates to a provider’s availability and consumer’s schedule once the two are assigned and vice versa.
  • See complaints or interventions by linking notes across provider and consumer profiles.
  • Identify and report on previously untracked work activities by your registry staff.

Nexus is Secure and HIPAA Compliant

  • Prevent account sharing with a single login and 90-day password expiration.
  • Prevent unattended workstation access with automatic logoff after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Validation of user permissions behind the scenes at every turn of a page.
  • Secure transmission of data with 2048-bit encryption.
  • Complete login activity tracking and field-level tracking of user activity.


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