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Meals On Wheels

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Meals On Wheels

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Meals On Wheels

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is Meals on Wheels?
Meals on Wheels is a short-term conditional service available to homebound individuals who are 60 years old or older, who reside in Santa Clara County and are unable to purchase or cook meals.

2 - Am I eligible to get Meals on Wheels?
Seniors 60 years old or older who are homebound and/or unable to shop and cook, or don’t have someone to do so for them on a consistent basis, are eligible to receive Meals on Wheels (MOW). Our MOW Nutrition Coordinators will conduct a confidential eligibility assessment to determine your eligibility.

3 - How much does it cost?
We are a private, non-profit agency, and your contributions and donations are greatly appreciated. We encourage a daily contribution of $1.80 per day ($0.90 per meal) or $54.00 per month. These contributions allow us to serve as many seniors as possible, although we will never deny meals to someone that is unable to contribute all or a portion of the encouraged contribution.

4 - Do I pay the driver upon each delivery?
No. Each month we will send you a pre-addressed blue envelope stamped with our name – Sourcewise. Please do not pay with cash – send a check or money order to Sourcewise-MOW as a contribution – and mail any contribution you can afford in the envelope. Do not give this envelope to the meal delivery driver.

5 - What if I can’t afford to send you any contribution for my meals?
We will continue to deliver meals to you. Our program is not based on ability to contribute for the meals; it is based on the need for well-balanced, fresh meals to help our clients remain independent and healthy. We will never deny meals to someone who is unable to contribute all or a portion of the encouraged contribution.

6 - How many days a week can I get meals?
We deliver 14 meals per week – on one designated day each week. Your address will determine which day of week and specific time of day (1-hour lead time) per person. It will be your responsibility to be available to receive and sign for your meals. 

7 - What kind of food do you serve?
Weekly deliveries include seven frozen lunch/dinner meals, plus seven breakfast meals (featuring waffles, hot and cold cereals, and other breakfast entrees). The delivery also includes milk, fresh fruit, bread, and apple or orange juice. Lunch/dinner meals arrive frozen so they can be microwaved and enjoyed at the recipient's convenience. Menus are altered four times per year to complement the seasons.
Our program is based on a daily, healthy breakfast and dinner menu. Over the course of a month, the menu meals will range from casseroles to sandwiches and soups; and from fish to turkey and gravy. We serve special meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and St. Patrick’s Day. Each meal includes a protein, a vegetable, a starch, milk, juice, and fruit or dessert. These can be heated in a microwave.

8 - What if I don’t have a microwave?
Sourcewise will loan you a microwave.

9 - What types of meals do you serve?
Our meals are well balanced and meet one-third of the daily nutritional requirements for seniors. They are not specially designed for persons with diabetes or high blood pressure, but are low in sodium and sugar content.

10 - Can I order what I like, or ask for substitutions for meals I don’t like?
We have a fixed menu for each day and we are unable to accommodate dietary preferences or restrictions. However, we do have prepared menus showing ingredients (including sodium and sugar content), that you and your medical doctor can review, before agreeing to enroll in the home-delivered meals program. 

11 - Can I call to cancel a delivery for the week? 
If you are unable to be at home when your delivery is scheduled, you may call and make arrangements to deliver to a next door neighbor, or have someone receive and sign for your meals. If you are not going to be available for an extended period of time (hospital/vacation/etc.), you may call and place a hold on the delivery(s) for that time-period. 

12 - What time of day will it be delivered?
Delivery depends on where you live. In Santa Clara County, you may receive meals during early morning hours or late afternoon hours. The meals will be delivered at the same time (1-hour lead-way) on the same day, each week. (For example, Monday at 9:30 a.m. or Tuesday at 10 a.m.) You must be available 1⁄2 hour before and after the scheduled delivery time on the day your meals are delivered, to receive and sign for them.

13 - Can you leave the meals at my doorstep or in a cooler if I am not home?
We cannot risk our clients’ health by leaving uneaten, un-refrigerated food for an unknown period of time. We will leave the meals with a neighbor, if you let us know in advance. We will work with you to develop the best plan to handle these rare exceptions.

14 - I am disabled; can I get Meals on Wheels?
You are eligible to receive Meals on Wheels if you meet all the qualifications listed here(link to “who we serve”). Unfortunately disability alone, does not qualify you for this program.

15 - How is the program funded? Is Meals on Wheels a government program?
The Meals on Wheels Program of Santa Clara County is a program of Sourcewise which is a private, non-profit established in 1973 to serve local seniors. A percentage of our annual budget is provided by state and federal funding, under the Older Americans Act. Other funding is generated through contributions from clients, the general public, Santa Clara County, and contracted sponsors of the congregate meal program.

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