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Care Management

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Care Management

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Care Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Care Management team will work with you and your loved ones to assess your situation and develop a customized plan of care that fits your social, physical, and economic needs.



1 - What is Care Management?

Care Management is a system which is responsible for locating, coordinating, and monitoring a group of services that rests with a designated person (a care manager) or an organization. Care Management is sometimes confused with purchasing direct services such as sending or hiring someone to do domestic chores in the home of your loved one. A care manager is knowledgeable in community resources, and can assist you and/or your family in identifying the services needed through a comprehensive assessment and connect you to the appropriate resources.



2 - What can care management do for me?

Care Management will help to identify problems that could put you at risk for being unable to remain in your home. Our care managers will assist you in finding viable and acceptable interventions for those problems. Through these interventions, the goal is to provide you with the tools to keep your situation stable; so that you can remain living independently in the community for as long as possible.



3 - Who can make a referral for care management?

Our referrals come from professionals in the community as well as an individual like you. We have many self-referrals. A referral is not a guarantee that a case will be opened, at a minimum, you will have benefit of a phone assessment of your situation; and any information, assistance, and referrals recommended by our professional staff.



4 - Does everyone qualify for care management? How do I know if I qualify for care management services?

Care Management services may range from information, assistance and referral to individualized care planning and coordination of services. Where you fall in that spectrum is determined by the initial intake completed by a qualified care manager and reviewed by a supervisor.



5 - If I do qualify for care management will I be visited by a care manager today?

We have over 400 clients enrolled in various care management programs. Cases are opened and closed monthly. Opening a case involves a significant amount of preparation and time. When a supervisor reviews your referral, your case will be considered in the order in which it is referred. We strive to open your case in a timely manner. When your case is ready to open, your care manager will call and schedule an appointment with you.



6 - What are my obligations if I am enrolled as a client of care management?

Care management is a partnership between you (or your responsible party) and your care manager. You voluntarily enter into the care management relationship which tells us that you want to collaborate and cooperate with your care manager to achieve the best outcome. Your cooperation involves regular contact and awillingness to participate in the process. When you exit the program, you will be better prepared with the necessary tools and resources to keep your situation stable; allowingyou toremain living independently in the community.



7 - How long will care management be provided?

The purpose of care management is to stabilize your situation so that you have the tools and resources to continue to live independently in the community. The length of care management is different for each person and is determined by their individual plan.

In some cases there is no need to open a formal case. With some information and referrals, you and your support system (e.g. family and friends) can move forward.

A person who requires full care management may be in a program for as little as three months, or longer in order to help stabilize their situation and address the primary issues on their care plan. Care management is not intended to last indefinitely. It empowers you and your support system by connecting you with services you need, so that you can self-advocate.



8 - Do I have to pay for care management services?

We believe that all the services we provide are valuable. There is always a cost attached to providing these services to the community, though the individual involved may not receive a direct bill. In some cases, there is no cost to the client. In others, a sliding fee scale mayapply. In all cases, we believe that the services we provide will make a positive difference in your life. If you and your family agree, and find value with our services, we would welcome a donation to our agency.



9 - I don’t speak English, are there care managers who can speak my language?

We are fortunate to have a very diverse care management staff and, when possible, a client may be matched with a care manager who speaks their native language. However, we have great confidence in all our care managers’ abilities to work with you and your family even if they don’t speak your language. Often times, we find that you have a family member or friend with whom we are able to communicate. That person can help us to make sure your needs are relayed and honored. If there is no English speaking family member to assist us, we have access to a translation service. This, coupled with the high level of skill and knowledge held by our care managers, allows us to provide appropriate service to all our clients even if we do not speak their language.



10 - What if I need more help than the program can provide?

If, during a referral intake or the care management process, we find that we are not able to meet your needs; we will connect you with a program in the community that can more appropriately serve you.


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